Political Families and Poverty: And why Congress should pass an anti-dynasty law
August 10, 2015
GMA News Online
Notwithstanding growing clamor for an anti-dynasty law in order to comply with the Philippine Constitution, some scions of political families invoked vox populi, vox Dei or "Let the people decide". [Read more]

Dynasties versus development
August 31, 2015

Clinton. Bush. Kennedy. Political family dynasties have survived the establishment of democracies in the developed and developing world and, in some cases, are strengthening. This column argues that political dynasties are still with us, and that it’s fairly easy to see why. [Read more]

Politics: All in the Family in the Philippines​
September 15, 2015
Asia Sentinel

​​Nowhere in the world are political dynasties more persistent or as influential as the Philippines, a former US and Spanish colony with its own curious brand of democratic politics. Nearly all the presidents after the peaceful overthrow of the Marcos dictatorship and the restoration of democracy in 1986 are scions of powerful political clans. [Read more]